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TCM Weight Loss Management

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Help in Weight Loss?   The answer is yes, it does! In fact, TCM has been used for thousands of years ago to [Read more]

Manage Pain With TCM

While Western medicine usually focuses on treating pain symptoms, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) goes deeper and focuses more on the patient’s body constitution. In TCM, pain management is [Read more]

Facial Massage Tools & Their Benefits

With spas and salons remaining shut-in these pandemic times, more people have taken the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to skincare with face massages. As face massage becomes increasingly popular, so [Read more]

Meridian Foot Bojin Detox

Did you know your feet have many pressure points that could relieve pain, cure insomnia, reduce stress and many more health benefits? The human feet have more sensitive nerve endings [Read more]

Deep Cleansing Facial

The pandemic is not the only thing that is breaking out across the country! Wearing a surgical mask every day can cause breakouts on our skin. Here is a complete [Read more]


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