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Syoujin 匠人 embodies the Japanese high standard of craftmanship in our service delivery. We integrate the excellent customer service of the Japanese culture and the wisdom & knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the services to our guests. Let our highly skilled therapists to specially craft out your needs to relax, revive and rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.

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I have been visiting Syoujin for a few sessions and I can feel a significant improvement in my body condition. I’m less lethargic in general for work. Thanks to the few masseurs that I always look for.

Amy, Customer of Syoujin

Like the Manager’s service, give me a lot of space and introduce me to try their new treatments which is really good.

Tracy Lim, Customer of Syoujin

Herbal spa is good, would recommend it. I can feel my body become much lighter the next day, and even my appetite is changed.

Zhang Yi, Customer of Syoujin

Good service in general and package prices are pretty reasonable

Mr Loh, Customer of Syoujin

Up to above Special offer You deserve it.

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